Bestowing Honor

For a few days now I’ve been pondering words I could share that would even begin to describe my friend– the special place he holds in the hearts of my family–the gifts that we’ve been fortunate to receive because of his willingness to serve. He is our worship leader at Livingstone Church and my dear friend.

To know Joshua is like crashing head on into a wave of truth tempered with compassion, generosity seasoned with sincerity, joy layered in goofiness (the kind that makes you laugh from your belly), and song that makes you want to give everything to Jesus.

Today, he is moving back to Lakeland and my heart needs a band-aid. We will miss him so much.  I, for one, appreciate his love for the Kingdom and willingness to give his whole heart.  I honor the spiritual gifts and reservoir of anointing that rests on the inside of him. See, it is those treasures, when shared, usher in the presence of the Lord and allow people to access heaven on earth. Leading worship is like being the hostess to a wonderful party…inviting people to table of the lamb…to feast of his Goodness, to dance in the graciousness of our God.  Josh truly did this for all of us every Sunday. I will always remember the way he looked a girl who had little confidence, an average voice and offered her an invitation to sing. She had no experience or formal training…just a love affair with Jesus. With that, he gave her a microphone.  He saw a gift. He fanned a flame.  He didn’t allow her to cower or sit on the back pew waiting for someone else to do her part.  He said, “We can do this.”  He held her hand, watching her take baby steps. And again, we see the heart of a servant leader. Josh doesn’t see people where they are. He has vision of where they are headed and encourages them in the journey.

Today, my prayer is that He will have a full supply of the spirit. What God has planted and rooted in him in this season will carry him into the next and that he will increase in every area of his life.  For I believe he is one the Proverbs describes, 

“the humble in spirit will receive honor.”

We love you Joshua.




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