The Hike

Since we’ve been out west , every day life has been full throttle.  As it turns out, we’ve had little time to really enjoy the beauty of Colorado.  Today we threw our hands up and said forget responsibility, chores, and other to-do tasks! Fuh-ghetta-bout-it.  B-Line to The Springs (as WE locals call it) for a date with nature! Oh, how I adore this place. Because my words will fail miserably to describe the splendor, I’ll leave you with some images instead.





3 thoughts on “The Hike

  1. When I saw Cathy of Workin’ It mentioned you in her latest post that said something about Colorado I had to pop over to your blog – glad you’re back! Thank you for your testimony to Our Lord and commitment to following Him. Good luck with all your endeavors and God bless! 🙂

  2. Hi Eve! So nice to hear from you. Clearly, I’ve been behind on blogging. Really wanting to get back to it, but life is busy. Maybe one day I can be more consistent with it. God has not ceased to amaze me in every moment of our journey. I probably have more to share in this season than I ever did through my Shopfast adventure or any other period of my life….but time slips by me. You can check out my old blog if you want to see where I started.

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