February. February? That is the last time I stared at this screen? July. July? Yes, it is July. Just like that, five months have blown by me with little opportunity to record even a thought.  Coincidence? Not so much.  Sure, I considered it:  when my mother came to spend 3 weeks with us in March when Steve and enjoyed our first dinner alone since we moved here . Yes, a lovely dinner it was on my birthday. Writing crossed my mind when my girlfriends came to take me skiing, and again when the snow FINALLY melted. The screen beckoned still when Owen lost His first tooth, when we planted a garden, when Steve received a promotion at work, when Olivia attended her first sleepover, and as recently as last week…when I walked in the front door of my house and my heart whispered…you are home.

Yes, life has been a whirlwind, but in an amusement park  roller coaster adventure sort of way. With lots of twists and turns and even a few upside downs, we are racing through the course with our hands up high. I never really thought about it, but on a roller coaster you’re fat at the mercy of the vehicle, anticipating surprise,  and surrendered to every rickety advance. Even with your eyes closed and a scream of release, somehow you are smiling ,laughing and crying simultaneously. It’s crazy. And when it’s over, at least for me, you are completely conflicted between a “let’s do it again” and “Nope..that’s it.”

And so it has been with my life out west. Each day presents something unexpected and un-rehearsed. Even the most normal occurrence becomes extraordinary through seemingly small details.  I am back to writing because of a little nudge on the inside. One thing I know, there is a season to everything. I am stepping into a new season of expression with only two expectations in my heart….for my thoughts be genuinely expressed and for my pen to guided by an influence greater than me. A bit of authenpencity, I’d say, if you’ll indulge me a word creation.


This shall be interesting.