I Write

It’s 5:58 am on Saturday. I suppose I could be sleeping, but I like to be among the first to greet the sun. It’s always been that way for me.  But, more importantly, this is my favorite time of day. It’s quiet…. well at least it will be for another 30 minutes or so.  To be able to hide away for a bit of writing is such an indulgence for me. To be able to breathe life into the series of thoughts that have paced the portals of my mind any given day is both a gift and a mystery. I’ve said it before, but when I sit at this keyboard, I rarely have any idea what I shall say. I wait a moment or two and usually the words pour through me.

We should all be doing a little of something we love, whether or not we feel proficient in it. There is something magical about awakening passion in your heart. It energizes the soul. I write not because I’m great at it, nor do I share because I’m a masterful communicator or expert in any content. I tell stories because my heart loves to connect with people and, deep down, I think we all have a desire for a sense of relatedness.  I’ve always enjoyed finding deep significance in ordinary moments. I look for life to teach me profound lessons in very simplistic circumstances. I treasure authenticity. I love truth and justice, but find myself leaning on the side of mercy so much more (perhaps because I’ve been the humble recipient of so much of it). I am always searching. My current aspiration? To be the type of person who a friend would think of when she wants a warm cup of coffee and someone to listen to her.

You’ll always get the real from me. I don’t embellish, although I’m often dramatic in content delivery. And yes, I put that in writing.


5 thoughts on “I Write

  1. Oh can’t wait to come and visit……..to have a cup of coffee and relax would be awesome with someone that is so loving/caring!!!! Pray for a beautiful God filled day!!!!!

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