I Remember Now

Buzz. 5:34 am. No, it’s not the alarm. It’s actually the CO2 monitor glowing red. Funny thing is, I was actually fully asleep at 5:34 am. It is time to get up although I am wondering if my sound sleep was a precursor to impending doom. Nah, it was a faulty battery. We’s good.

Alas, it is a Tuesday that feels like Monday. Because Monday was fun day instead of Sunday this week. We tried to summit Mt. Evans yesterday (via car, but who cares about details) and failed miserably. 40 mph gusts of wind blew me right off the top and into this week where I am twirling. Full on twirl.

The list:

1.  caffeinate

2.  pack lunches

3.  ask kids to get dressed

4.  begin the personal closet excavation and outfitting process

5.  defog bathroom after Steve’s 45 min shower

6.  ask kids to get dressed again with voice inflection

7.  Make breakfast

8.  tooth inspection.

9.  “I don’t know where your folder is !”(Take 15)

10.  Toothbrushing revision


12. collapse on couch whilst chugging cup 1 (reheat version 3) of coffee

13.  Oh, Wait…I have to go to work. LIKE NOW.

Ah Hah!  Now, I remember. THIS is why I find it difficult to write.  I swear, I will bust out my camera again. I will be thoughtful again.  And, because I am committed (or at least hope to be) to the discipline of writing again, today we will just glimpse upon the fire drill that is my life. And, I suspect, yours too. Good luck and Godspeed, mamas! 


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