Is This Just Coffee Talk?

Coffee is a ritual. Yes, it has a function relative to the success of personal productivity, but the ceremonial nature of morning coffee is bliss. That is why no matter the day, the health program, the location, the distractions, coffee is always my morning mainstay. The ceremony is key. Something about hearing the beep of a full pot, and inhaling the aroma of that first pour as it consumes a hollow cup makes me feel like all is right in the world…at least my little corner of it. Clearly, it is unwise for one to interrupt the first sip of java, perhaps even life-threatening. I creep over to the table in a dimly lit nook, firmly clutching mug, and lift open the laptop. News feeds, Facebook, Email. In a moment, life thrusts itself upon the sacred moment of the ceremonial first cup.  How easily I am distracted.

Wait. Did I just equate social media and real life?”

People argue that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are an illusion;  a highlight reel, a skewed version of reality…fake even. Thought- worthy notion for sure. Yet, I find myself working it all into what has become, for me, another ritual. I find myself utilizing it to express very true and real parts of myself. Why?

“Why would I utilize a perceived vehicle of the unauthentic to express the real?”

Don’t wait for the answer. I have no idea what it is. Although, I believe others share very real aspects of their lives too.  It is for this hope that I want to respect life, as we know it, on the web. I want to assume that any thought, photo, or feeling is potentially meaningful and significant. I don’t want  to be the person who eagerly dismisses another. Conversely, there is risk in believing everything you see. It can be the catalyst of disillusion, feelings of inadequacy, confusion, erroneous assessments, and false hope.  It can prevent me from engaging the very people I need to connect with, because somewhere along the way, I’ve decided based on 3 photos and 5 posts that we have nothing in common. That is what scares me.

So, let me say this: When functionality begins to drown out ceremony, experience, and connectivity: recalibrate. Instead of updating, make a date. With people. For real (insert coffee sip). 


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