Statement of Disclosure:

The Chiffon Chronicles is just that: a light-hearted chronology of my every day highlighting personal stories, shopping and style. Because I love to shop-n-share, I’m thrilled to support my favorite retailers and products through advertising space on this site.The Chiffon Chronicles does not accept any cash payments for outside link love, product reviews, or giveaways.

I do receive and keep free products, services, and gift credit when offered from companies if they are relevant to this blog’s content.  Only the items and services I determine to be fitting for review will be posted on The Chiffon Chronicles. All reviews will express my sincere opinion, coupled with basic product profile (i.e. designer, style name, origin). It is very important to me that I maintain the authenticity and integrity of this blog along with my creative expression. Therefore, I reserve the right to decline a review or promotion of any item sent to me if it does not reflect the style of The Chiffon Chronicles.  I will respond to all requests for partnering information within 72 hours.

In accordance with FTC guidelines and to protect the trust of the readership, I will always disclose the receipt of any products and services (denoted by “c/o” or “courtesy of”) on the post. I will only discuss products or services that I would buy for myself or someone else.

Of course, this blog is not just about fashion and shopping.  You will also find inspirational stories, spiritual insights, and light-hearted humor. I understand that my sponsors and I may differ in these views, and that my personal narrative shall not be linked or reflective of the personal opinions/beliefs of the retailers and/or sponsors.

For more information on partnership, site statistics and rates, contact me:

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