About Aimee

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In January 2011 Aimee Reed, known to many as the Shopfast Girl, engaged the blogosphere with her very ambitious personal challenge: to go 365 days without purchasing clothes! The former shopaholic spoke out, quite candidly, over the 12 months about her battle to overcome retail addiction, her family and lessons she learned from the journey. This year, she’s back with a license to shop and a new outlook on life. The Chiffon Chronicles aims to inspire through a little humor and a lot of love. These stories hope to capture one gal’s gratitude for the simple things and her ability to discover something extraordinary in each and every day.

Aimee is the wife of Steven, mother to Owen and Olivia, a career lovin’, Starbucks drinkin’, fashion-forward, extravagant dreamer and aspiring writer. When she’s not tending to her family and work, she’s making music on her piano, plotting a new travel plan or cleaning her closet (a never-ending assignment).

If it’s inspiration you seek, or light-hearted humor with an occasional fashion tip, this is the blog for you! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “About Aimee

  1. Aimee, I was so happy to come across your new blog thanks to A Pretty Penny! I loved your ShopFast blog and your guts to say no to shopping for a whole year. I followed it pretty much for the entire year and was kinda sad (I know, I’m pretty selfish) to have the year wrap up. Congrats on sticking to your resolution. I’m looking forward to continuing to follow your chronicles. God bless!

    • Hi Eve!!! So glad to know you found me hiding over here. ;). It will be fun to see what lies ahead now that I’m shopping “with discretion”. Ha! Thanks for commenting. I love hearing from you.

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